So it has been a week from when the new 24 man raid – The Weeping City of Mhach. So lets go over about the The Weeping City of Mhach but be warned should you enter be ready for the endless wipes when people refuse to pay attention and trust me it happens a lot! 

Arachne Eve

Don't get caught!

Don’t get caught!

So after a bunch of trash that just like any other dungeon or raid dies after you just look at them we come across the first boss which seems to be a giant spider that wants to trap us all in her web.

The basic idea behind this boss is to dodge a few AoEs that appear while turning away at the right time to avoid a debuff that involves you running around randomly in any direction while standing on the webbing that is left behind so you avoid being sucked into the middle where massive damage will happen.

At some point the whole alliance will be tossed into the air where the group has to spilt up to destroy the webbing holding up the alliance and to pop any orbs so she does not become more powerful with her massive AoE.

And well honestly this boss is pretty easy and should pretty much go without any hassle as someone failing does not really cause any wipes.


Its a real shame cure doesn't kill my team :(

Its a real shame cure doesn’t kill my team 🙁

… well this boss is honestly the one that has caused the most issues I found in Duty Finder as a lot of groups just “fade out” which cause endless wipes.

Anyhows the logic behind this boss is pretty easy as she turns poor dead people and the alliance members into zombies and other void creatures while causing AoEs that people got to either avoid or dodge and lasers which they must stand in.

At one point she will start turning the mobs into void sents which must be killed in a certain order (or well at least stunned or silenced correctly) which at one point she will do her big attack and move onto the same as she did originally while adding in two attacks – mega death and Hell Wind.

The idea is to become a zombie (or half a zombie) to avoid mega death and have your healers to heal through the massive damage of AoEs.

Overall this fight was very easy and you will notice a pattern – the only reason it often fails is because people stop paying attention.


Don't be tempted to walk off ... don't Pat, NO, fuck sake.

Don’t be tempted to walk off … don’t Pat, NO, fuck sake.

Ah the infamous boss from Final Fantasy IX makes a return to the land of Eorzea as an essence that has wiped out cities in the past but thankfully the boss is just as easy as letting Garnet spam Bahamut in Trance – just as long as people are paying attention.

So this boss is pretty simple but there are a couple of things to look out for. The first that you have to watch out for is what shape the Ozma is. It comes in three different forms:

  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Tetrahedron

The idea behind the whole thing is sphere you go nuts with damage dealing as the other forms either limit the amount of damage or make it dodge attacks more easily. For cube you stack up to avoid an attack and then get ready to deal with everything else while with tetrahedron you stand away from his front to avoid an attack and then deal with everything else according.

Yes, I have seen the enrage - more than once.

Yes, I have seen the enrage – more than once.

At one point during all of that the players will be sucked into an unknown place (I got to research into that) and must fight your way out become Doomsday kills you all and I got to say out of all the fights in the Weeping City this is the most fun as every player HAS to pull their weight and must pay attention otherwise its very easy to wipe the raid with a simple misplacement from a single comet is enough to cause the alliance chat be filled with racist slurs and insults about your mother.


Would not be Life in Eorzea without a bum shot.

Would not be Life in Eorzea without a bum shot.

Should you see Calofisteri in the flesh you have very likely now going to finish the raid but that does not mean you can stop paying attention – it’s surprisingly easy to still die.

Now just like the other bosses Calofisteri main focus is on her AoEs and standing in the right place. See at certain points she will do a an AoE that covers half of the area based from her position (like the first boss in World of Darkness). She then has another AoE that traps people while spawning things with her hair that you either got to stand close too, stand away from or just outright dodge.

And there you have it a quick understanding about my favorite 24 man raid in the whole of Eorzea and I hope it does not get nerfed as the players need to learn to be aware and just can’t watch TV while raiding – it just ruins it for the rest of us.

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