1. What server do you play on?

Assuming you mean which server is Patricia Nirvana on then it is on Moogle!

2. What is the link to your lodestone profile?

Here ya go: http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/2176832/

3. What job do you main?

Although it is very easy to see from my screenshots – White Mage. I do however have all the healers levelled up and play as the others as and as when but when I do go a damage dealer I am an insanely mean Red Mage.

4. What is your current glamour? You don’t seem to change much.

Coming soon – just re-working this FAQ.

5. What is Patricia’s Moogles? I don’t get it

These are Patricia's Moogles ... That's the joke.
These are Patricia’s Moogles … That’s the joke.

This is a question I get from people that read my status.

Patricia’s Moogles is basically talking about her breasts and it is a joke based on how Patricia often walks around without a robe (a different topic about vanity) or walking around in her underwear (in the house I should add!).

So there you go, now stop staring at her Moogles!

6. How can I contact you?

Send me a tell in-game but if you can not do that then send me a Facebook message on Patricia’s Facebook Fanpage! (Patricia Nirvana on Facebook).

7. You have a fan page?

There are quite a few people who enjoy reading this website and for those, I have a Facebook page where I write about my progress and what I am doing in the land of Eozera … now and then. The link is in the question above.

8. I have been trying to contact you in-game but I get no reply.

You are quite likely blacklisted and most likely due to shouting spam. If you need to contact me you can use the contact details on this website – no one is blacklisted for personal reasons and the ones that are ain’t reading this.

9. Some images on the blog could only have happened after posting.

I often change the images reflected for every blog post should I take a better one later. It’s also worth adding that some images are also edited. The only ones that are not changed tend to be the clear screenshots.

10. Are you currently raiding?

I am currently raiding and leading a group called Taco Wipe Night. Taco Wipe Night is my raid group and has nothing to do with my former free company, although some overlap.

11. I see references at times to Ayela Arcenstyle and Lux Phummel. Who are they?

The first was a former friend of mine. I am not aware if the person plays anymore, nor if they use the same name. I am not interested in hearing further about this person.

Lux is someone I used to play with but we no longer play together. As of Endwalker, I am not aware if he still plays Final Fantasy XIV but if he does you should find him in my former free company – The Moogle Company – under the name Kai Mitarashi.

12. Wasn’t you an FC leader?

I was. I founded The Nirvana Company and was its active leader for many years until I rebranded it to The Moogle Company where I stayed as its leader until a replacement was picked. As of the writing of this FAQ, I have nothing anymore to do with the free company so please contact their current leader if you need anything although I would like to stress I am no longer able to recommend them as a free company to join – I have no knowledge of what happens there anymore thus I can not say anything about it in good faith.

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