1. What server do you play on?

Assuming you mean which server is Patricia Nirvana on then it is on Moogle!

2. What is the link to your lodestone profile?

Here ya go: http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/2176832/

3. What job do you main?

Although it is very easy to see from my screenshots – White Mage. I do however have all the healers levelled up and play as the others as and as when.

4. What is it with you switching between the tights and fancy underwear?

This answer is not really valid and simply here for archive. I have changed my vanity from 3.0.


May not look like it … but there is a pair of Militia Tights and Hempen Camise in there!

I got asked this question in game … and its kinda odd to reply. You see one of the things I love about role-playing games is knowing what I am wearing and wearing what is suitable for where they are – this is why I remove the Cleric Robe when I am walking around in the house or in a “hot area” as you would wear a heavy robe made out of Cashmere in the heat would you?

Well this is where the tights come in. I change to wear the tights (which is designed in real life to help keep legs warm) where I believe Patricia would start being cold – such as in Dragonhead, Shiva, Snowcloak or if it is windy.

And here are the other bags!

For this reason I like to imagine that the tights I change into is stored in the bag on Patricia’s right hand aside along with a Hempen Camise which is also used for extra warmth!

This only applies to my White Mage and Scholar though. Also worth noting that on my Whit Mage gear I got three other bags at the back.

Going from left to right they are the following:

  • Different yarn used to repair gear such as woolen yarn and other small survival stuff.
  • Something to drink (such as water or raid food)
  • Something decided this one yet – throw ideas!
See, normal thermal tights.

See, normal thermal tights.

And there you have it … that is what I imagine Patricia is carrying with her when she is a White Mage and that is also why I change between the Cleric Underwear and Miltia Tights depending where I am (don’t bother with the Hempen Camise though … in heavy weather I would simply have the robe!).

Oh and for any of those that may be interested the “fancy underwear” that is referenced in the question is, they are the Cleric Culottes and you used to be able to get them with Allagan Tomestone of Mythology and used to be BiS for White Mages back in 2.0 and 2.1 patch.

5. What is Patricia’s Moogles? I don’t get it

These are Patricia's Moogles ... That's the joke.

These are Patricia’s Moogles … That’s the joke.

This is a question I only get now and then from people who either visits my personal room within The Nirvana Company’s house, my personal house or check my status.

Patricia’s Moogles is basically talking about her breasts and it is a joke based on how Patricia often walks around without a robe (a different topic about vanity) or walking around in her underwear (in the house I should add!).

So there you go, now stop staring at her Moogles!

6. How can I contact you?

Send me a tell in game but if you can not do that then send me a Facebook message on Patricia’s Facebook Fanpage! (Patricia Nirvana on Facebook).

7. You have a fan page?

There are quite a few people who enjoy reading this website and for those I have a Facebook page where I write about my progress and what I am doing in the land of Eozera … now and then. Link is in the question above

8. I been trying to contact you in-game but I get no reply.

I do try to reply to every message I get but if you have sent me a couple while I was online and you got no reply then honestly you are blacklisted and that you are not going to be removed from it (my own policy is not to remove anyone once blacklisted).

Don’t be sad however – I end up forgetting pretty much everyone on my blacklist and what they did to get onto there – I simply will never remove them so I will never remember why in the first place.

That said, feel free to try to contact me via email or Facebook.

However with that said – if you are trying to contact me in an abnormal way such as waving at me, or using other emotes – I got them all turned off and unless I see it – I won’t know about it. Be direct, and I likely will reply.

9. Some images on the blog could only have happened after posting.

I often change the images that is reflected for every single blog post to those I believe shows it better. It’s also worth adding that some images are also edited.

10. Why do you switch now and then between two different short hairstyles?

Patricia looking pretty!!!

Patricia looking pretty!!!

This question was sent as a tell and I “think” this was the actual question and the one I got was quite badly written and I couldn’t really understand (It was a friend who speaks French and tried to ask me in English).

I am quite “anal” about vanity that does not only include the actual gear I wear but what I wear underneath (and if that can be seen under my main gear) but also hair styles. With this in mind for every length of hair I pick, I pick a every day one and then a “smart one” for things like weddings and as you can see above the one on the left is casual and the right is the smart one.

For those wondering I am currently using the Healer / Cleric Robe for my every day “wear” and the Orison Gear for weddings and other possible “formal” stuff.

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