The cash shop on Mogstation has been one thing I myself do not agree with as I much prefer to farm for things, there has at least been a few things I would buy should they ever released them such as a working hood Healer Robe but mostly also something else – a re-usable wing prism.

For those that do not know when you undergo a Eternal Bond you are given a stack of 99 of a certain item called¬†Magicked Prism (Wings) which when you use them you are given a pair of lovely wings that last for a couple of seconds … and then its gone. If you wanted to get more you would need to re-marry or if you you lived in Japan to buy some during the shop event they had but as you can see – you can not get a source of an unlimited amount.

So either allow buying them for gil should you be married or sell one on the market board to allow using it as many times as you can – even possibly having it as a turn on and off feature.

Just something so I can keep using these – I really do love the look of them and would be happy to pay a few quid for them!


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