Although it has been many months from when I finished all of these original beast tribes I never gotten around to writing much about them so here we go!

The first thing I will comment about is the lore behind them. Well I suppose it was okay as I did learn quite a bit about how the beast tribes themselves live as a society and how they react to the rest of the world. I suppose its also worth saying we learnt a tiny bit more about the primals they followed but there was not much more to it.

The part about the beast tribes that did annoy me however was the endless amount of FATEs you had to wait for just to get one token to then add it in. Its also worth saying I am not spoiling the story of the beast tribe themselves or the events that happens after you complete them all but the screenshots may be spoilers out of context.

So in a bit of detail lets go into what each tribe had to offer!

Amalj’aa Beast Tribe

Well at least its a reunion, right?

Well at least its a reunion, right?

The Amalj’aa was one of the least hassle to do mostly because their quests seems to go so fast and that by pure luck the quest that involved having to keep getting the FATE rarely popped up and thus I rarely had to wait.

So the story is pretty simple as a bunch of Amalj’aa spilt off away from the main bunch and with them a Miqo’te who been with them from a young ish age. Well the story basically can be summed up as the Miqo’te was to get revenge for her mother (who is alive and been “blessed”) and its all based around her development.

But at least in the end I got a pretty mount that I think I have only used a few to show other people what it looks like. And for those wondering its the Cavalry Drake.

Ixali Beast Tribe

Man and beast friends in the end.

Man and beast friends in the end.

With a chance of pace of our classic solution to solving every single problem (smashing people face in with my wand or cane) this beast tribe was done peacefully by crafting their new airship to fly away to the heavens to the floating island they came from which sadly for them seems to hinted to be Azya Lla where they were genetically created.

Now the idea behind this beast tribe and its overall story was that you was to help a bunch of Ixali to craft parts of their airship that they was not able to do due to unable to get access to the needed equipment because of who they were. The story itself is pretty much just that but it ends up explaining that man first got the airship design from a Ixali and that they used to live in peace, aw.

Either way there was no annoying fates with this one but just simple crafting and gathering and when you had a fully geared artisan gearset it was insanely easy!

In the end I got some pretty gloves and a new mount called the Direwolf. Its also worth saying that this was the first beast tribe to offer tokens which you could take in for items – something that all the others now offer.

Kobold Beast Tribe

Honestly got no idea what's going on anymore.

Honestly got no idea what’s going on anymore.

Eh well I suppose we have to get the worst one out of the way at one point. This beast tribe story involved an order of Kobold that was so lazy they would not do anything … and then expected to have a lot in return and seems that no matter what we did nothing changed.

Nonetheless this beast tribe had THREE fates that you had to collect an item from and involved a hell of a lot of fetch quests that operated based on a timer and trust me I got sick of it very fast.

Worst one out of the bunch from a mile off but at least I got a pretty nice mount called the Bomb Palanquin. Unless you are doing it for collection sake, mount or minion – I would skip this one and save yourself a lot of time.

Sahagin Beast Tribe

Baby-sitter for the FC ... Baby-sitter to a beast tribe.

Baby-sitter for the FC … Baby-sitter to a beast tribe.

Although I found the story behind this one to be boring as it did not go much into the actual lore of the Sahagin it can be nice to see a bad guy become a good guy and then having to go back to doing bad things in order to save people and this is exactly what this beast tribe was about.

Most of the quests involved in this beast tribe involved murdering people and barely any fetch quests. The story itself is above – its pretty much a bad guy becomes a good guy looking after children to then turn back to who he once was to protect those children.

While not the best story at least I got a Cavalry Elbst mount at the end of this which I think I used twice – once when I got it and then for the screenshot.

Sylph Beast Tribe

Sneaking, Sneaky!

Sneaking, Sneaky!

Now out of all the above these was my favorite although it has everything I hated above  fetch quests and waiting for FATEs. The story behind these was mostly being a babysitter and protecting their young from the ones that sided with Ramuh (although they both did, but you get what I mean) while they play pranks on everyone and get drunk or high on the materials you provide them.

Its quite likely because it was based in Gridania and these are easily the “proto-Moogles” when you see how much they are alike to Moogles but the lore behind these and the quests themselves Ivery much enjoyed and if I was too see any more of these I would pick these.

And even better is I got the Goobbue mount at the end of all this – even if I do not use it much nowadays due to the nature of flying mounts.

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