Just like the weapons before it the Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics grind is now over and with that I am pleased to stay I have completed the current part of the relic and now have in my hands on the The White Tsar.

I do have to say that this relic quest was very bad and quite horrible as it was once again an esoteric grind and I honestly got bored with it a few roulettes in. However saying that the relic quest is now complete and that will be the last one I do – the future of these weapons just looking worst and worst.

For those interested my anima weapon is setup for piety and spell speed. I was going to use accuracy but I figured I would just meld my gear with it so I can use it for my other two healers.

And with that said its time to just get savage done and I hope Palace of the Dead is good because if this relic is anything to go by … I am a tad bit worried about future updates.

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