Reminds me of Coil

Reminds me of Coil

As you must know by now the Palace of Dead has now been opened to everyone in Eozrea and honestly I like it but I fear it will suffer the same problems as most of the other content in Final Fantasy XIV – that it is far too easy and that just like most content released in Heavenward it seems to come across as a tutorial for new players rather than something for end-gamers.

For those that do not know what the Palace of the Dead is about its a new content released by the team which has random layout dungeons (but not mobs) and random treasures where you are able to upgrade your weapon and armour and go as far into the dungeon as you can. While it is enjoyable the problem with it is that it is far too easy and it seems only soloing the dungeon gives any form of a hard time.

The Palace of the Dead is a good start I will give them that but it needs quite a few changes to actually make it worth it. Lets start with a first example which is the complete lack of puzzles they could have done to allow people to either skip mobs or create shortcuts so people who are soloing it have different ways to get about.

ffxiv_19072016_161418There is a lot that the Palace of the Dead can do and as I said its a good start. The problem and I fear it is a major problem is the things the Palace of the Dead will be good for such as puzzles will come later and that is the problem – this game suffers from everything “coming later” and that we should be patient but we HAVE been patient from the start of Heavensward but there just isn’t much there anymore with everything designed to ease new players in.

While I enjoy the Palace of the Dead and while I believe it will change to become content everyone will enjoy – I fear for quite a few players the time to show that is up and that “later” now means its time to look at other games.

Still, I would advise to jump right into the Palace of the Dead – it can be loads of fun and by yourself hard-ish but don’t expect too much from it.

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