Should be worth saying in advance that I have no problems with people that play Warrior or Scholar. Just the nature their jobs destroy everything the other jobs has to offer.

With Heavensward starting to come to a close with the knowledge of the next expansion around the corner people are coming up with ideas for new jobs but there is something major they are forgetting – we can not have any other tank or healer jobs while we have a problem.

For anyone that is currently raiding you will know that there are two jobs, you will ALWAYS want to take simply to how powerful they are and that is Warrior and Scholar.

Currently, in this patch cycle, Warrior is simply overpowered to the point it can be successfully a main tank with no problem and keep up high DPS or off-tank with high DPS which means that Warrior always has a slot and Paladin and Dark Knight must fight for the other (Scholar has this same issue).

Well, you are likely thinking then why not make something that can take a Warrior’s slot? Well if you make a job that can take a Warrior’s slot then you ultimately would just want to take that and a Warrior and toss out Paladin and Dark Knight from any serious end-game. It is worth saying this also applies to Scholar.

While Warrior and Scholars are able to do what they can and that the other roles do not come close we can not have any new tank or healer jobs unless we want another whole cycle of guaranteed slots to Warrior and Scholars and the rest picking up the scraps.

By all means, tell me that the other tank and healers have guaranteed raid slot and I will tell you that are you lying. The only reason the others even have a slot is because you need to often take two and if you bring out a job that’s a direct competitor to Scholar and Warrior you will simply kill off the other tank and healers.

They both need a nerf or the rest needs a buff – doing “high” DPS should NEVER be their thing for a non-DPS role otherwise that is all people will take as all tank and healer jobs must be able to do the bare basic of their job and survive raid tank busters or they won’t even be taken.

Buff or nerf – that’s up to Yoshida but it needs to happen or you will lose everything that the other jobs had to offer … oh wait that’s right as long as it doesn’t do high DPS it has NOTHING to offer while Warrior and Scholar exist as they do.

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