It is that time of the year again in Eorzea where everyone strips down to their swimwear and pick up newer swimwear that smaller than the last … oh wait this time we got armour.

While it is a shame that we did not get any swimsuits this year (hopefully next year) the event brought us back to killing a giant bomb that wants to ruin everyone’s good time and I got to say the story was interesting enough to last an hour or so but it did make the community shine at what it does best – being dicks.

For some reason, they whoever designed the actual event thought it would be a good idea to bring over one of the things you got to do in quite a lot of leves and that is to capture a target. Now a good idea in practice as after all it is needed in the story but these bombs you have to capture you had to weaken … and the whole server had the same ones.

I will let that kick in. The bombs you have to capture are the exact same ones other people have to capture and thus also need to weaken. Do you think people waited around letting people do it in order? Well yes one server did but the others decided to go ape-shit on every single bomb to the point I was seeing Holy, Fell Cleve, Jumps and the good old painflares.

Beyond a massive culture oversight the event was pretty fun and for the first time in ages actual armour has been released for casters and healers so I would pick them up even if you have no plan on wearing armour – you never know what the next few months can bring.

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