At the core of Final Fantasy XIV it can be quite fun and enjoyable pass time with the content it has to offer and regardless what anyone says their current setup is working and making them profits – but there is a problem with this that they need to look into.

Final Fantasy XIV works on a system that is basically a “daily check list” and thus you feel forced to do so. The first example is Allagan Tomestones and if you miss a week you lost these tomes altogether and once you levelled up your main job doesn’t become much of a factor but if you are levelling other jobs or planning to play a different job next patch you are forced to carry on weekly even if you want to take a break otherwise you fall behind.

As you may have noticed it feels forced and for a game like Final Fantasy XIV to carry on being successful people need to feel like they can take a break and that when they return they can catch up.

Thankfully, this is actually quite an easy solution. Using myself as an example I only play one role (healer) but there are times I want to take a monthly or so break while just coming on for the odd event, FC related and what not but if I was to do this I will stop getting red scrips and other tomes. So the solution is easy – allow them to roll over.

By just allowing the capped currency to roll over each week (so first week is 450 tomes, then 900 etc) people will feel they can take a break and no longer have to run an expert roulette a day to “keep up” and that when they come back they can put as much effort into getting the same amount again and catch up to people. Without this people will feel pressured to always come on and do content that otherwise they may still enjoy if they are able to do it at their own pace.

It’s needed and it’s needed soon – running dungeons for tomes can be fun but doing it every single day or miss out isn’t.

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