Sophia the Goddess is hands down far better than any of the other trials during Heavensward for a couple reasons I will get into during the recap but first I got to say I really loved this trial and had a lot of fun working it out.

So the idea behind Sophia is she is one of the three warring triads and she has now woken up due to a design “flaw” that was purposely added into the back-end of the Allagan system so she could strike from within.

Well to skip many years to come her followers was able to escape and then started to wake her up.

Containment Bay P1T6

Alrighty bitch, lets do this.

Alrighty bitch, lets do this.

Now let’s get onto the reasons why I enjoyed this trial and the first thing is the fight is very recoverable and relies on people doing their own thing and if they fail to do so then they die – not the rest of the group.

In other words, this fight is designed so mistakes can happen and rather than those mistakes wiping everyone only the person that made the mistake suffers.

What you do in the actual fight as well is interesting and has the basic everyone dodge divebombs, turn away for the fight attacks and a few other things that I imagine in the extreme version will end up being done altogether at the same time.

But honestly this fight has been very enjoyable and if this is the type of fight to happen in the patches to come then I will be quite a happy person.

Now it’s time to give the extreme version a try and get that cleared!

Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)

Ta to all those that helped me clear it!

Ta to all those that helped me clear it!

Having now killed poor Sophia a couple of times I reckon it is time to chat about this fight. The first comment I have about it is how easy the actual fight is and that I imagine most people will be able to clear it a couple of tries after they learn the original Sophia simply because you are able to follow another player and learn it as you go.

Secondly this fight is very recoverable and in most of my farms I have raised both tanks, healer and DPSes and even often used the healer limit break in order to revive most of the party even after they got knocked off for failing to dodge something.

For those still clearing it, I got a couple of tips listed below.

  1. For Thunder III with Execute – you only need to look one direction. The two adds will always be facing each other (so top left, bottom right). If you see the Daughter on one of the safe zone – then go behind you.
  2. For the scales – always run away from blue. If it’s even you need to go to the edge and if it’s an odd amount of tether you need to stand in the square. In other words you just need to remember even, edge.
  3. Advise where to run – It’s also worth saying that tethers also tells you where to run if you can’t turn the camera in time. The side with the most tethers will always be the red one so if you see one with three and another two – run to the one with three.
  4. If you are healing just be aware of the golden aura as a ton of AoE damage is coming.

Beyond that I really enjoy this fight and although it was easy I would love to see more recoverable fights in future and not ones that just involve one player messing up and wiping the whole raid. Now time to farm it a few more times and get my pretty White Mage weapon.

May I ever only see you in roulette.

May I ever only see you in roulette.

Farming Update

So I have been farming for a day or two now quite successfully and other than the mount I now have pretty much everything I want. I think I am going to keep farming it until I get 99 tokens so in future when they allow the mount to be buyable via tokens I can get it out right.

But in its full glory before I vanity it in a couple of hours – Sophic Cane.

I have also farmed Sophia for the other weapons I have levelled up.

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