Money, minions, clothes and crafting materials – what more can a poor little girl want?

So over the last day or two I have finally see what the Aquapolis looks like and today I was able to see the final door and in my opinion the Aquapolis is quite nice and provides a whole range of items which seems to be stuff based on other dungeons (such as the panda minion) and craft-able clothes – something which allows people to finally get those items they may not be able to farm otherwise.

For those that do not know about this place its a special dungeon that sometimes appears after you do a Dragonskin map. The dungeon itself is designed around having four people although a single tank and a healer is able to do it quite easily as there is a lot of time and the mobs you fight are not really that hard.

When you enter you are taken to a room where there is a single chest. You open the chest and mobs appear and once you beat those mobs you then get the chance to open another door and if you get the right door you carry on deeper but if you get the wrong door – poof you are gone.

Now the most important part which is why most people will do it is the loot. The items you get as I said earlier seems to range from a lot of the craft-able vanity gearsets, minions and music sheets which comes from another dungeons and all that stuff.

The dungeon is pretty fun and quite easy to do but I do imagine the RNG involved will screw some people over. But hey at least I got a couple of items other people wanted and for that I’m happy.

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