Just like the Thyrus before her, it is time for the Majestas to develop further and this time we are looking once again at custom stats (for those interested I am going for a piety and spell speed build).

So the story this time is that our lovely weapon is being forced to under-go further development and to do this we need help from an Au ra whom name I can not remember.

From this person we have learnt that our Anima weapon works a hell of a lot like a Carbuncle and that we can basically do the same to our weapon as she can do to them.

And to do this we need a certain item to make another item. Sound simple? Well it is and I will keep this page updated with well updates about what how the weapon is going.

Update ~ 13/06/2016

With it now having been a week from release – my relic weapon progress so far … has been very bad.

... going so slowly.

… going so slowly.


Update ~ 28/06/2016

Its been a while from when I upgraded (sorry about that). As you can see below its nearly done and I can pretend about doing the Astrologian relic.

Nearly done.

Nearly done.

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