Although it does quite sadden me that my first clear was not all together as a raid group in single progression (admit not the original and the current), I have completed The Containment Bay Extreme.

While I’m sure some people will disagree with me I found this fight to be actually quite easy but regardless how easy it is I got to say it is one of the best designed fights I have done in ages and quite glad I did it simply for that sake and with the next patch nearly out its time to say good-bye to progression on this fight and look forward to the next one!

Now I got to say this fight was one of the best fights I ever seen and I would advise everyone to give it a shot and to keep practicing it and that at the end of the day I honestly felt it wasn’t any harder than Titan Extreme.

Although I been some what very negative lately with Final Fantasy XIV’s direction – I got to say if they do keep making more fights like this one and if they released it more often (so not one for every three months – that’s hardly much to do!) I would be a very happy man.

So thanks to the six people who helped me and Ryu – lets look forward to the next patch!

One shot, baby!

One shot, baby!

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