In the course of investigating the legendary phantom realm on behalf of the Students of Baldesion, you have encountered four mysterious beings who claim to be of the Twelve, the guardian deities of Eorzean myth. They declare that, in Hydaelyn’s absence, they are the rightful rulers of the star, and you must prove your strength if mankind is to remain the master of his own destiny. While you know precious little about these self-proclaimed divinities, the potential threat they pose cannot be denied. So it is that you resolve to answer their challenge, and prepare for a foray into their sanctum…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Newfound Adventure

With the Final Days now over we turn our attention to exploring the world in its whole glory and naturally the first thing to discover the truth about is who are The Twelve and more importantly are they real or just primals?

This raid tier has been a long time coming and The Twelve is something I have always been interested in and the story so far … kinda sucks. I don’t like how it seems to just be following your classic Greek myths and while I won’t comment on the story too much the first tier doesn’t really do anything beyond saying – Hey, we are here.

Before we talk about the fight I will say that although the gearset is not one that I will use it does look lovely and it is one I will pick up for collection. The music was also wonderful and one I will make sure to pick up the sheet for.

But with that said, let’s discuss the fights!


The first boss of the raid tier is Byregot and personally, I felt this was the best fight of the tier. The fight itself focuses mostly on your positioning as the platform will change and get knocked around which can spell instant death should you not be careful.

The rest of the fight is your standard area damage and tank busters but what I enjoyed about this fight is having to pay attention to the arena itself and although it took a death or two to figure out, I loved it.

Not much else to add to this fight but it is one that will keep you on your toes. I enjoyed this one and would love to see much more like this.


The second fight is against Rhalgr and it is a fun fight when learning it but it is a fight that is quite boring once you figure it out. The main focus of this fight is to watch what Rhalgr is doing with the portals that appear and the comets as he will do different things to them which affects how you got to dodge them.

The most annoying part of this fight is the knockback is hard to the lineup and the only way I survived was to run to the finger as the green line did nothing. The comets themselves were fun to work out when it would be a normal one or if they are splitting while the portals as nothing really to worry about.

The rest of the fight is standard with raid-wide damage and a three-way tank buster and hey it wasn’t a circle arena this time.

Overall I liked this fight and it was pretty fun.


The third fight is Azeyma and surprisingly this one was pretty boring. The main focus of the fight is watching her clones to see where the fire will be knocked while also dodging orbs and other random bits and bob.

There was a part of the fight I really loved which is when a small triangle appeared and you had to get knocked back three times while ensuring to stay in the centre so you ain’t murdered by the fire.

The rest of the fight is watching where things are and judging where things will blow up and overall the fight wasn’t that fun although I wouldn’t call it simple either. The fight was alright but not that great compared to the other two.


The final fight of the raid tier is against Nald’thal and while the music is good the fight isn’t that interesting with an annoying cutscene that you are likely to see often due to Duty Finder having issues with the balancing part of the fight.

The main issue you will find with the fight is the attack where the marker for the attack is above the boss while there is another that works the other way around. As long as you get both of those attacks the rest is mostly dodging the stuff that appears and watching out for the knockback and close-range attack that will happen and you pretty much will be fine with this boss.

The adds that appear are a simple burndown and then just standing on the other platform and as long as everyone does that you will be fine.

Overall I didn’t mind the fight but it isn’t one I will remember beyond the fact it is The Twelve.

My Opinion

It is hard for me to say how much I liked or disliked this raid tier and I think that is because it comes down to The Twelve. I have from the days of 1.0 always been interested in the lore behind them and now we got it … I am disappointed. It could be because it is early days, or we have no real information or anything but so far I am not liking it.

The fights themselves are lovely and something I feel we should see much more in normal dungeons and trials but the designs I did not like much.

Overall I am going to hold my opinion on this tier until the end as I do think my own judgement is unfair. Still, I had fun!


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