Click here if you are looking for my opinion on Endwalker’s Summoner.

When I first wrote about my opinion on Summoner and picked the achievement’s name for the title I kinda forgot that Scholar was the same class. Having now played Scholar in the new raids and the extreme trials I figured it is as good as time as any to give my opinion on it.

While I would like to see a few changes I would like to make such as a secondary DoT to manage and the return of Shadowflare I do feel as a healer it has a solid toolkit where so far there has been no time where I have felt I didn’t have something to deal with what is going on.

The barriers feel solid and the new movement skill, while a disappointment in the skill showcase, is quite niffy. Expedient is oddly useful in providing an on-demand defensive cooldown where Sacred Soil may not be enough or annoying in deciding a place where to pop it down while the added movement bonus comes in handy.

While protraction looks kinda meh as the increased HP is rarely useless but the increased healing it provides is useful and reminds me of the old Divine Seal for White Mage and likely will be used the same way that was. While Scholar has upgraded spells the biggest improvement is how well the fairy now responses and you can rely on it doing what she is meant to be doing rather than triggering it in advance.

Scholar in Endwalker is fun but I think a lot of this is due to Endwalker building upon how well it played in Shadowbringer which shows what a job need is a solid foundation and the rest will come. On a side note, the AF gear for Scholar is the best design I have seen for them in any expansion and although it isn’t something I would wear it is quite amazing how much effort went into it and I do slightly prefer it over White Mage’s one.

Overall I love playing Scholar and think it is pretty solid all memes aside!

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