I Got the Magic Stick IX – My Opinion

Ah, White Mage the job that I main. I have always enjoyed the style of White Mages in every Final Fantasy game and my favourite characters within those games tend to be a White Mage or at least a healer and I overall just like the idea of playing a White Mage and a healer.

What I do hate however is White Mage seems to get the very bad end of that magic stick as Endwalker carries on the idea that White Mage must be so simple to play (where all the healers are – even Sage) and seem to put half an effort into developing their tool kit and honestly it is now starting to show.

So what did we get in Endwalker? Did we get something new and amazing? Did we get an epic new DPS filler? A second DoT? Cleric Stance? No? What about a skill that has such a long cooldown and is only really good for Akh Morn style attacks … oh, yes?

Seriously the ONLY thing White Mage gets in Endwalker is an ability that is so useless it is likely they will simply add multiple hitting attacks in the savage fights just so it gets used. Our lilies are once again bad and it is a further DPS loss to use them and it feels bad using lilies. We could have had a DoT that used a lily to help keep it a DPS gain or something to break up the rotation just a little. But no, all we got what potency increases, a tiny barrier and a useless skill that the other healers have a far better version of anyway.

If it wasn’t because I love playing a healer and I love the overall feel and style of White Mage I would be looking at playing Scholar this expansion. White Mages could have had Cleric Stance or something and made them the “Sage of Pure Healers” but no once again White Mages are forced to play the baby healer role and put no effort into their tool kit. I would just love to see a change with lilies so it isn’t a DPS loss to use them, another DoT and Cleric Stance.

At least the Endwalker AF gear is nice I guess.

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  1. Sereneva Wholgan

    Do you feel that they’ve got the scaling wrong with WHM? There were many dungeons i could regen and holy spam, and only needed a few afflatus cures, now I’m spam curing and using my ‘oh sh*t’ button so much more. I’ve only just got to 90, so maybe its just apprehension. But thought I’d ask a seasoned whm. :))

    • Patricia Nirvana

      Long time no see Seren!

      I find in dungeons nowadays I don’t really need to heal much as unless I am playing with a Dark Knight they tend to heal themselves. It is quite possible you may have just had really bad DPSes.

      If you still use Discord by the way toss me a message, not too sure if I have you on it or not!

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