Pandæmonium is the raid tier for Endwalker and came in the 6.01 patch and this raid tier is meant to be original content rather than a crossover with other series and it shows quite well. The story involves us entering Pandæmonium as the place is acting weird and it seems no one is around to tell us what is happening.

We are joined with an “unknown” person that we are going to build a bond and is going to suck during the ending of the raid series in order for it to carry on making sense in the overal storyy act.

With that said it is time to talk a bit about the fights but before I do I am going to talk about the music. Other than the final fight I liked the sound track and hope to hear more!

With all that said lets go deep into Pandæmonium and enter Asphodelos and before I do – thank you to Taco Wipe Night for doing this blind!

Asphodelos: The First Circle

The discovery of a crystal borne from the far reaches of the aetherial sea and the desperate plea contained within lead you once more to Elpis, where your trajectory quite literally collides with that of a young man named Themis. Like you, he is here for answers, seeking the source of an aetheric disturbance culminating in loss of contact with the gaol housing the ancients’ most dangerous creations. It is this place─this Pandæmonium─into which you now descend…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The first fight of the raid tier is against a person called Erichtonios who is a warden guarding the many things that exist in Pandæmonium and this boss is a mixture of many things you have seen before but one thing I will say before I carry on is when the development team make their own original stuff they seem to go above and beyond with the quality compared to their cross over stuff.

Outside of the classic tank buster and raid-wide damage the boss has a couple of things you need to watch out for which is a common theme of Endwalker. Erichtonios will attack half of the arena which you can tell by which side his flail is on. The next thing to look out for is a standard line AoE, knockback and stacking but the main thing is the hot and cold mechanic turning up in raids once again.

Overall this boss is pretty simple and with a bit of awareness, you will be able to dodge what it has to offer. Just make sure to switch colours when you need to do so, stand in the correct direction when needed and bring the pew pew. I liked this boss and look forward to trying it in savage.

P1S Clear Video

Asphodelos: The Second Circle

The warder Erichthonios has brought with him the chilling news that all creations within Asphodelos, the highest level of Pandæmonium, now run free of their fetters. In order to prevent total chaos from bursting forth unto the world above, Themis and Erichthonios plan to utilize interment magicks to safely capture any errant creatures─if their theory translates well into practice, that is. With only one way to find out, you head for the waterways to confront a monster of legend, the water-wielding hippokampos.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The second boss we meet within the depths of this hell is Hippokampo and while it is a simple fight it is one that shows just how well the development team can make original content. As with every other fight, this has the standard tank buster and such but the main focus of this fight is watching when it splits its hard and does a massive area attack. To dodge this you need to pay attention and watch what is facing where.

During the fight, the floor will become dangerous and you have to make sure you are on the platform and then make sure to dodge everything that is happening in the limited space you have. Beyond that, there is not much more to the fight that you haven’t seen before such as stacking with someone but the fight is interesting and will keep you on your toes with what is going on.

I enjoyed this fight but it isn’t one I am going to remember in tiers to come.

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Asphodelos: The Third Circle

Having successfully subdued the hippokampos, your group sets out to find Erichthonios’s fellow warders, presumed to be hiding in the deepest circles of Asphodelos. Standing in your way, however, is the phoinix, a violent failed iteration of the iconic immortal bird. It soars through halls warped by creation magicks into an arid, desolate wasteland─its perfect choice of battlefield─awaiting any foolish enough to venture into its newfound domain…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The third boss is phoinix and for those that know me personally I am a sucker for anything related to the Phoenix mythos and my heart skipped a beat slightly when I saw phoinix appear. This fight is sadly a mixture of fights you have already seen and if you removed phoinix itself you would notice the pattern. This fight copies Turn 12 and Suzaku with a little mix of Alexender in there.

Outside of its classic tank busters and raid-wide damage phoinix will shot a giant fireball or many fireballs which will either do massive damage from where phoinix is or multiple area damages where you need to dodge them much like how you did during the Alexender raid tier.

During the fight you will see adds appear that you need to kill with dark fire at which point the adds will do a few different things. This fight is simple once you remember which pattern does what but I loved this fight and this is a fight I am going to remember for the many tiers to come.

… I might be biased because its phoinix.

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Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

The perpetrator of the chaos in Asphodelos is revealed to be none other than its keyward Hesperos. Once known for his kindness to both warders and captives alike, he now appears before you as an amalgamation of mythic beast and man─a hemitheos. Drunk with devotion to Lahabrea and dripping venom for Erichthonios, Asphodelos’s keeper may too be its most fearsome creation…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Although I expected this fight to have been against a Hydra, we are against Hesperos who is in charge of Ashodelos who seems to have a g’d complex. Not surprisingly this fight has your classic tank busters and area damage but the main focus of this boss is three different things he will do.

The first thing is an attack where he sets the stage, so to speak, where there will be one of four different effects including a knock back, stack, spread or get out and you have to pay attention to which one is active and react to it accordingly.

The second thing is he will dash to a location either north, south, west or east and will either do a large cleave or a knock back and you have to watch to see if it is a cape or a sword so you know what to do.

The third thing is towers were it will kill a certain role who stands in it and it is insanely simple to see and you also get tethers that operate the same way. Overall I enjoyed working out this fight and was a fight we wiped to a couple of times to figure out what we could get away with but I am not going to remember this fight.

I enjoyed this raid tier (both the fights and story so far) and it shows their original content is better!

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