Since the days of old, the imagination of the Thavnairian people has been captured by a persistent legend─the promise that somewhere, beneath the shimmering expanse of the Bounty, lies hidden the treasure vault of Alzadaal III. Yet how might one claim the fabled satrap’s hoard where so many other reckless souls have tried and fallen? Will Estinien’s dubious map lead you true to the rumored isle and its moldering ruins? Whatever peril waits ahead, it is certain to be an adventure!

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Newfound Adventure

The new dungeon for the patch is Alzadaal’s Legacy and we are entering via an undersea location where tons of treasure are meant to be hidden. We will find it? let us find it.


Like most other dungeons the overall design looks pretty but I hate the fact you can just pull everything and just burn it down without having to even think. We do not learn anything special in the dungeon itself and your mobs are just your generic they do a basic attack and the odd AoE.


After burning down the first few set of mobs we get to our first boss and surprisingly it doesn’t have a tank buster that I remember but it is a fight that involves a bit of basic awareness with having to watch the floor and seeing where it has moved to and dodging accordingly.

Ambujam will do two different sets of AoEs with one of them being a bunch of damage with a knockback and the other being raid-wide damage with a bleed effect.

Armored Chariot

The second boss is much more interesting and involves having to be aware of what is going on around you so that you are able to avoid the lasers and shields. While it does also have the classic tank busters and raid-wide damage the real part of this fight is awareness.

There isn’t much more to say about this fight.


Outside of the standard raid-wide damage and tank buster, you will find this fight has a ton of spikes around everywhere and these actually become a threat. During the fight, you will be forced to keep spinning which forces you to go in the direction you are facing and must keep out of the way of spikes which can be hard to do if you are not used to its movement.

The boss as well also has environment-style awareness with a tether and rope which is simple to deal with but it is always nice to see a fight where you have to pay attention although if you fail it you don’t really need to worry about it as it is still just a dungeon.


Eh, the music felt lazy to me. I can’t recall where but I am quite sure this is a remix of another track and pretty sure this dungeon name was reused somewhere as well.

Overall Opinion

As a dungeon it is okay but nothing impressive but I am now starting to outright hate dungeons due to how simple they are and are just a pretty no-trill gate to getting gear. I would much rather start getting more skilful content for getting tomes but alas the direction of Final Fantasy XIV only suggests things will get easier.


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