We return once again to Eden with the goal to rebalance aether in the empty but this time Gaia is with us with the hopes in recovering her memories but naturally, it does not go as expected.

Overall my opinion on this tier is this how dungeons should be when it comes to how hard they are but to make them more forgiving should a failure happen but I very much enjoyed the normal mode and look forward to savage.

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination

Although Gaia, the girl who had previously launched an attack on Eden, has finally awoken, her amnesia prevents you from learning much of her origins. For the time being, the best course of action appears to be continuing with efforts to restore balance to the ambient aether of the Empty. The next element is lightning, which once ravaged the Gandof Thunder Plains in the time before the Flood of Light. Your memories of Ramuh give corporeal form to the crackling aetherial energies drawn forth.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star

Ramuh is the first primal to be summoned in order to restore lightning and it seems Ixion got stuck in there during summoning this old wise man.


Hands down I love this design of Ramuh compared to other versions within the Final Fantasy series (honestly, I don’t like “human-like ones”) and there is something about this that just yells an epic battle. It’s hard to explain but this Ramuh feels like its something you can respect.

Battle Mechanics

The battle itself like the other Eden floors re-uses a couple of the original primal fights with a twist (it is possible Ixion skills are there as well but I don’t remember that fight much which shows you how the Warrior of Light also can forget it) and if you have completed the extreme versions you can guess most of it.

You have your standard tank buster, your standard raid-wide damage but you also have damage that you need to protect yourself by collecting orbs and making sure you do not go over three. Each attack of these will lower it down.

Dodge a few tower-like things, drop the AoE clouds away from folks, dodge the charges and make sure you don’t get knocked off and you are done.


There is not a lot I can say about the music as it is a remix but if you enjoyed the original Ramuh music, you will like this.

Eden’s Verse: Furor

According to Urianger, the elements of fire and wind must be restored simultaneously to successfully complete the cycle of rainfall and evaporation. Unfortunately for you, this equates to facing the combined might of a pair of raging primals. Images of the ferocious Ifrit and the maniacal Garuda are made flesh, and you steel yourself for battle.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star

Ifrit and Garuda are the next two primals summoned in order to restore their elemental aether together and this time its a duo fight (assuming it’s keeping up a trend of similar fights in Omega) but with a twist


I am having a hard time picturing what Ifrit and Garuda is based on (although it is explained at the end that primal summoning won’t always look how you imagine it)

Battle Mechanics

As you can imagine this fight is a bit of a tag match where you have to fight between the two. Most mechanics you will see are the same that you have been before with a bit of a twist.

Expect some knockbacks, moving to the correct spot and once again general awareness while looking around to see where things are and once you have done all of that expect to do both Ifrit’s and Guardas stuff together.


Just like Ramuh there is not a lot I can comment about more so without commenting about the twist – so if you like Ifrit and Garudas music you will love this.

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm

As you and your comrades prepare to restore the last of the six elements, Gaia’s mind is suddenly seized in the grip of an unknown and malevolent force. Dark aether swirls around her, and slowly coalesces into an ominous glyph, hovering high above Eden. From nowhere, a vast swarm of sin eaters circles around it, as moths to a flame, and a voice that emanates from within the core claims to hold dominion over these creatures of Light. While its true purpose remains unknown, one thing is abundantly clear: it must be vanquished before it is allowed to place your mission in jeopardy.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star

For reasons unknown, Gaia has been taken over by something unknown and just like last time we fought her on the halo we now have to beat the sin eaters that have appeared and this fight … will be interesting to see how they keep up general awareness in future content.


What can I say about the design of this fight other than … ts a flock of birds like sin-eaters coming together

Battle Mechanics

Most of this fight you will have seen before excluding the portal like mechanic which is quite likely going to catch people that overthink just how they need to dodge it.

Overall this fight has your standard tank busters, stand in towers, raid-wide AoE, adds, colour based damage and portals!

In my opinion, this is a good standard to develop future fights and I hope to see much more of this in the future.


It’s a Final Fantasy VIII track – not even a remix. Go figure what to expect.

Eden’s Verse: Refulgence

With the dark entity that haunted Gaia defeated, at least for the time being, you return to the task of restoring balance to ice, the final element. Being the most strongly aligned in favor of stasis, it appears that Ryne’s direct involvement will be required to properly manipulate the aether. Inspired by tales of Ysayle on the Source, Ryne decides to use her own body as a vessel and wield the power of Shiva.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star (Eden’s Verse)

Seriously before I speak about this battle, I love the irony that Yoshida wants people to stop posting lewd screenshots and then does this with a “questionable age person“. I will let your imagination kick in but I suppose at the end of the day what Yoshida is worried about is the nudity they can’t control.

This time around we are summoning Shiva to finish off the task with Eden and if it wasn’t for the fact this is the second tier the ending of this tier would have wrapped up Eden in a bow.


Shiva’s both designs are actually quite interesting and for a certain form, I get a massive Hydaelyn’s like feel. This design of Shiva I much prefer over the other we have fought in Eorzea.

I still don’t get the slap on an excuse for why Shiva had to be summoned this way.

Battle Mechanics

Excluding the second half of the fight which is not hard to work out, everything else you have seen already but it comes together in a nice way. While it is a simple fight it brings together a good ending to this tier and if it wasn’t for the fact we likely got another tier coming this would have been a perfect end.


Not much to say with the second part but if you love Shiva’s theme, you will love this one as well.


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