Though the original Ultima Weapon, piloted by Gaius Baelsar, was destroyed in the decisive battle at the Praetorium, Garlemald has been secretly developing its successor. Now, this diabolical melding of Allagan and Garlean technologies has been deployed to annihilate those who would oppose the Empire. At the behest of none other than Gaius Baelsar himself, you cross the scorched battlefield of the Ghimlyt Dark to halt this crimson menace before it lays waste to Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star

In a battle you would have thought would have been from a Final Fantasy VII cross over but instead, it is woven into the main story and it is the Ruby Weapon.

Sadly unlike its namesake, you are unlikely going to be spending long on this fight. I will not be writing a guide but instead only speaking a bit about the different parts of the fight and how it all comes together.

Cinder Drift

Originally I was disappointed to hear that the music for this battle was just a remix of Ultima Weapon until phase 2 started (which is another remix) and the battle turn into a mini-version of The Second Coil of Bamaut Turn 4 and I was happy to hear it.

The fight itself is pretty simple and most of it you can do via pure reaction and you have seen most of it already in other fights. The only real stuff to watch out for is general awareness and the fact the fight can be semi-fast paced if you are not watching carefully.

Cinder Drift (Extreme)

I … am at odds with the extreme version of this fight mostly due to how easy the fight was with the second phase just being a joke while also being aware it is quite possibly because I cleared Second Binding Coil of Bahamut back in the days where you had to learn the fight as phase 2 simply reuses so much you have seen before.

The fight itself, although simple, was very fun with phase 1 being the hardest part if you never stepped into Second Coil of Bahamut but it is a fight to keep you on your toes.

The only thing I can say is the hitbox for this fight seems to be massive compared to what you would expect but overall still fun. I am not going to speak about the weapons much – they look bad.

I am hoping future extreme fights are more designed like this in mind as I enjoy the more “complex” patterns and working things out over high DPS checks. Speaking of that the DPS check in this fight is also a joke – you can do it with multiple deaths.

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