Ishgard is once again in need to further repairs and in order for this to happen the Diadem has been opened up once again to everyone in order to be able to gather the materials needed in order to build what they need … and it kinda works.

The idea of using Diadem for Ishgard restoration is simple. Keep it within one area so people can always gather the item without having to go to many different zones and re-use an area too is connected to Ishgard and re-use the assets that have already been developed for it.

Before I jump ahead of myself I am going to explain what the second set of the restoration. Once again there are a bunch of items that are needed in order to rebuild. This ranges from a new expert craft (which as of writing I have yet to do well), standard craft and a bunch of low-level ones. When crafting theses you get a bunch of scrips which you can buy stuff and should you do the two highest crafts you get a chance at a new mini-game which gives you a chance for a bunch of items such as a mount or emotes.

The second part is the Diadem. Inside you are able to go as any gatherer and all you need to do is go node to node and arm the items you need in order to craft for Ishgardian Restoration. This works by just smacking the node until you got an amount of the power of ten (so 10, 20, 30 etc) or if you are fishing just one and you hand them in to be approved. Once they are approved you get a bunch of Skybuilder scrips and then are able to craft with the items, sell them on the market board or if they are fish break them down into items you can craft or sell with.

Combine that with a ranking system and what you have is the first step of the Ishgardian Restoration improved with a better quality of life changes, more grinding and an old area revamped so what can someone hate about it? Well, there is something I do hate about it and it isn’t anything related to the content at all – its the past.

I outright loved the original Diadem. I loved grinding mobs to get Peagus, a mount I still use to this day, and I coming together in order to beat the massive mobs that in a weird way Eureka was not able to recreate. I LOVED seeing stuff like this.

What I hate about the new Diadem is the reminder of what could have been. It’s a reminder that we still do not have combat content you can just jump into a party and spend some time together and bail once you had your fill. It is either a dungeon, a trial or a raid and little else such as maps. We have content that all gatherers can just spend some time away relaxing, crafters and such. While there is Blue Mage it doesn’t really work out well and hardly allows playing as any job you would prefer.

It saddens me we are unlikely to see Diadem return to how it once was, it’s unlikely we would even see another Eureka. Ishgardian Restoration is wonderful content, it’s just a shame the same love can’t make its way to combat roles.

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