Oddly enough this article really is about two different topics – the story behind the weapons and what happened on that faithful day and the relic itself. So with this in mind, this article is going to speak about both parts. Spoilers beyond here.


So like the Shadowbringer relic, there is an actual story behind it other than go out and upgrade this weapon using this new method I found to do it and it goes into what happened with the fall of Dalmud and if you are reading this and haven’t done it yet then you might want to stop reading now – the twist behind it was Bahamut doing it along!

The weapons themselves are explained to be long gone and we are recreating them by going into the memory of Cid so we can get an understanding of what it looks like and then remake it. This is done by an epic very long cutscene and an instance that comes together … and we get the relic.

Oh. Hang on I did say I would speak about the two things on their own. After you do the whole instance we are rewarded a quest item and if you haven’t guessed it by now its the relic weapon.

A single hour maybe cutscene and you already have a relic that is better than Ruby Ex. I worry that this is the future of Final Fantasy XIV and all we will series smaller bite content with nothing really have to be earned outside of savage raids (although I still think normal raids will provide weapons in time with the savage one simply being dyed).

Sure there is a new “extreme” trial which provides upgrades to the Shadowbringer’s AF gear (but not weapon oddly enough, guessing they are saving that for a future patch) but the trial itself is a very quick thing to farm and you are done.

The relic weapon used to be an area of grinding/farming. It used to be that end-game weapon you spent a day in, day out, grinding just so you could have this epic weapon. Now it is a quest reward. Nothing about this weapon feels earned and beyond it having a fancy purple icon would have been a weapon I toss aside once the next primal weapon comes out. This is coming from someone that grinded out massively to get the best stats on that Nirvana, Sindri and even farmed Eureka to the point of having amazing stats on the Rose Couverte.

Shadowbringers story is amazing, it really is. Its gameplay is not. I am finding less and less reason each day to be subscribed to this game when most things can be done within a week of a free return period.

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