The Emperor was said to be a cruel man, ruling Garlemald with an iron fist. But he was no less cruel when still known as High Legatus Varis yae Galvus, commander of armies. Few are the men who would dare recall the dark days of his military career, and yet reliving such memories was the key to Bozja’s liberation. As you recount your harrowing journey into the past to the wandering dramaturge, a wan smile plays across his face─inspiration strikes. He quickly sets quill to paper and prepares to immortalize your deeds in words─an otherworldly tale of adventure that would leave even the boldest men aquiver with fear, and the Warrior of Light perhaps aghast at the embellishments to this climactic encounter.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Echoes of a Fallen Star

For those that may not know the Save the Queen quest line forms a new story for the relics of Shadowbringers and while I am massively disappointed in just how quick the relic is to do and the fact that the relic will carry on being much less of a grind according to Yoshida, I outright love the “extreme” trial that came out for the upgradable relics for different reasons than you may think.

First, the music is nothing to write home about as it reuses the same boss form you hear many times before but the best part is how the fight itself works.

You have three different things for the whole fight that you have to watch out for. You have his blade skill that turns into two different colours where you need to watch out and move accordingly, the charge attack he is doing and watching for when it is over and react accordingly and lastly outside the battlefield to see where safe spots are.

You may be wondering that this sounds pretty standard and it is but what was amazing is how the battle fed it to you. It started by doing the first thing in the list and then started to add the rest which ends up rather than having a bunch of different things happen once and that’s it, everything you learned comes together with a slight twist which meant you could learn as the fight went on and get a feel for the next stuff without it being something completely new.

This really developed the fight for me a lot as it meant learning the fight didn’t involve random one-shots that is new every time but rather new attacks added and having to learn a pattern.

I want to see more fights like this in the future. Oh, not sure how people will be able to upgrade the AF4 forever as I don’t see party finder doing this fight for much longer.

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