Just like how I did with an expansion before this, I am including the final trial in this article as it goes together right away and I feel its best to discuss this as one last event.

The first thing is both the dungeon and trial is a perfect ending to Shadowbringers and I would honestly be happy to end the tale just there. It’s a lovely end to the Ancients, humans, and everyone else and it felt moving to have experienced it.

From here I will spilt now to the two duties.

The Heroes’ Gauntlet

When yet another starshower manifests over Norvrandt, the Warriors of Darkness find themselves under attack from mysterious spectral foes, who by all appearances are being summoned forth with the selfsame magick the Crystal Exarch employs─a magick that should lie beyond even the Ascians’ ken. Seeking to take the battle away from innocent civilians, the heroes flee Eulmore in an airship, setting course for the Crystarium…

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Reflections in Crystal

I will start with that although it is a dungeon the setting for the dungeon was very well done and I enjoyed moving between each zone and was happy to see the best pixie king helping out although it would have been amazing to see her fight along with the Warrior of Darkness.

The mobs themselves are your simple trash and they barely do anything worth commenting about but it was an interesting take to fight against people who techincally were right to fight against you.

The music of the dungeon itself suited the feel of the dungeon and there is not much more I can say about it. The music felt like we were fighting towards a last chance so well done there.

Spectral Thief

The first fight of the dungeon is a classic job that people been wanting for so long and actually feels like it was thrown into troll the players and that is a Thief.

The boss has your standard tank buster and AoE damage but the trick to this boss is they will randomly place a target marker down which will switch the damage markers from where they are to the target marker in order to troll the player.

Very simple fight to do and unlikely to wipe on this one.

Spectral Necromancer

Just like every boss so far this one has your standard tank buster and AoE but this time you got to avoid the undead and make sure you don’t take a lot of damage and wipe.

Overall this is a simple right.

Spectral Berserker

The final boss of this dungeon is a berserker and a fight you are likely going to wipe on for a few times. While it has your standard AoE and tank buster but you also have a knock back to deal with while dealing with a new mech that can one shot you should you not figure out the safe spot fast enough.

The Seat of Sacrifice

“If you would usher in the end, then with my all shall I oppose you”─so spoke Elidibus as he took unto himself the power of champions from beyond the rift to arise as the self-proclaimed Warrior of Light incarnate. Yet as resolutely as your foe believes in his cause, so too do you believe in yours, and thus Light and Darkness must collide. Invoking the ancient magick imbued with the memories of Azem, the forgotten final member of the Convocation of Fourteen, you summon the stars to your side and prepare to face your foe in a battle to steer the very course of the world.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Reflections in Crystal

There is little I could say about this trial that would not be myself simply saying how I feel this is an amazing end to Shadowbringers and I would actually be happy to stop playing at this point with the knowledge that I feel it ended the story from 1.x so well.

The fight itself is fun and is simply a pattern game (with the extreme trial being mostly the same with a few extra bits added on top) and it is one I highly recommend and I am glad I did this as I did.

The music suited it and overall I feel there is not much more I can add to this trial. A fitting farewell to a fitting story.


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