Patricia fishing with Mox in the ocean.
… I seriously like this.

Ocean fishing is new content that has been released into the world of Eorzea and honestly I have to say that I really love it and I find it hard to explain why.

So what is ocean fishing? Well, ocean fishing is just really an instanced area to go fishing kinda like how Diadem was but there are no tasks, no quests but just a bunch of you together fishing and … it works.

I think one of the major things I like about it is a two-hour wait which feels like you are waiting for the boat to arrive. The scoring part is okay and I am okay with little rewards from it but it brings me to a second point which this article is about – we need more time locked content.

Imagine if the hunts from Final Fantasy IX was released wherein each of the city-states monsters are released and you have to hunt them down where people can watch what is going on (if I was to do this, I would add a new area or do it via an instance that people can also visit to watch afar). Picture running around Gridania as you are killing to earn points. Now imagine this happens four times a day (so every six hours) and weekly the highest person gets a reward (you would take the highest entry that someone did that week – not a total).

Or what about hamlets or escorting caravans across Eorzea every couple of hours (this one can be an instance). It makes the world feel more alive and to me, that is a good thing and it is something I hope we see in future.

Until then you can find me floating around in the ocean.

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