The skies over Thavnair are aflame, and panic spreads through the populace like wildfire. One by one, civilians are twisted into grotesque fiends, hells-bent on slaughtering everything in sight. The deadliest of these creatures leads its newly spawned kin through the jungle, towards a number of smaller settlements, and as such, Ahewann has dispatched his Radiant Host to forestall the carnage. Though Vrtra, too, lends his strength to the cause, even that may prove insufficient, and thus do the Scions enter the fray.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

In this dungeon, we are entering an area known as Vanaspati where sadly the final days has started and there is little we can do beyond killing the people that has transformed for reasons unknown to us. The mobs we encounter as we make our way through the dungeon seem to be the same design as void sets we have seen many times but sadly they are people unwittingly wanting to be here.


The dungeon looks pretty which is surprising seeing it is on fire and the skies are ripping apart killing everyone and showcasing the Final Days to everyone that can simply look up at it. Like every other dungeon from Heavensward, there is only one path to go and it feels that way really bad.

Now let’s talk about the bosses of this dungeon.

Terminus Snatcher

The first boss of Vanaspati has your standard AoE damage and your tankbuster but the main focus on this fight is watching when mouths spawn and paying attention to where to stand.

Like most fights within Endwalker, and a fight design I do like, the boss will do the core focus of its attacks while adding in other stuff and this one enjoys confusion and a bit more.

Overall a very simple boss as long as you don’t hate confusion.

Terminus Wrecker

The second boss of Vanaspati carries on once again with the standard AoE and tank busters but focuses on orbs and tethering to them which means it is a fight where you have to pay attention to see what is happening. You will find the orbs are both water and fire which will give you a good idea of what you will have to do with them.

Overall this is a simple fight as long as you watch what has been tethered and what attack it is using.


The final boss of Vanaspati is much more interesting than the other two and once again requires you to focus on watching what is going on.

The core part of this fight is being aware of what colour debuff you have and reacting accordingly while dealing with the tank buster and raid-wide AoE.


I am not sure why I even have a music section for these dungeons as it is spot on and has nothing else to say about it. Soken and the rest of the team have done an amazing job.


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