The Dark Inside

Zodiark’s shackles have finally been broken, bringing His millennia-long imprisonment to an end. This premature awakening is the work of Fandaniel, who has cast aside his duty as an Ascian to turn the god of Darkness against the very star He was created to protect. With Zodiark’s unfathomable power at his disposal, Fandaniel has selected his first victim─the Warrior of Light, who has ever been a thorn in the Ascian’s side.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

With how early we are into the story of Endwalkwe we finally get to fight against Zodiark itself although it is one of the worst ideas we can do as by killing Zodiark it is quite likely the final days will start again and I don’t think there are any backup plans to pop him back into its seal or to stop the final days – but with Fananiel having a death wish we got no choice. I must say that Zenos looked so disappointed after the fight and seem to have slightly lost the will to live after no longer being able to merge with Zodiark to fight the Warrior of Light.

Visually I love the fight and although the moon is quite a boring place to look at an amazing job was done in creating a battle arena for Zodiark that doesn’t just feel like it is tossed in there. The design of Zodiark itself looks great and you can see the missing parts on it due to Zodiark not yet being whole.

The fight itself is surprisingly hard for a story mode dungeon and I feel if they removed the visual markers and add a little bit extra that the fight would have likely suited well for an extreme. The core part of the fight is paying attention to where Zodiark is striking and where the portal like stuff is so you know where the attacks will come from. I do enjoy these styles of fights where there is a bit of randomness to them and you have to pay attention to what is going on.

The music for this trial is a done-up version of the classic track you would expect for fighting against Zodiark and no, not Answers but I have a feeling I know what the next trial will be which makes me wonder what the heck the last trial is as I expected Zodiark to be the last fight.

Overall I wouldn’t say the fight is that hard but it is very punishing for failing for a story mode trial and I can not wait to see what the extreme version of this fight will be like.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiark’s Fall

This will be updated once I do the trial!

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