From the ruins of the Garlean imperial palace rises the Tower of Babil, a monstrous edifice constructed by Fandaniel and Zenos’s enthralled hordes. While its exact purpose has yet to be ascertained, it is here that the would-be orchestrators of the Final Days await the Warrior of Light, who now spearheads a daring mission to infiltrate the tower and vanquish the Telophoroi once and for all.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

I am surprised, to be honest at how early we enter this dungeon seeing I half assumed most of the expansion was going to be about taking down the towers but to see this part of the plot so soon makes me wonder just how much is to come.

In terms of the story, we are heading towards the tower so we can stop Anima and the other two and hope by doing so we can get rid of all the towers. To do this we are forcing our way onto a train but naturally the Telophoroi waits.


The design of this dungeon feels much better compared to the first one and I love the idea of the other important NPCs joining us and doing what they can as it makes the dungeon feel more alive for dungeons like this (dungeons where we are exploring stuff I can understand just the party).

The mobs themselves are as you would expect but it is still slightly sad to see you can do wall to wall pulls and not worry so much about it. So now let’s go over the bosses and what I felt about them.


If you are someone that hates magnets and every time you see (+) or (-) in Final Fantasy XIV you might want to start to panic as that is the main thing Barnabas will do.

You have your standard AoEs and tank busters but randomly you will be tethered to an AoE where you need to decide if you are going to be knocked away or bought together and then move accordingly.

It is a simple fight and not that punishing if you fail.


This fight requires to have a bit more focus on what is going on as you need to be able to move to a different platform to dodge what is going on. The boss will do the classic AoEs and tank busters while standing on the purple platform to dodge the blades coming at you while standing on the green platform to turn yourself into a frog (and back) to avoid a stacking debuff that will outright murder you.

It is a simple fight as long as you pay attention.


I am surprised Anima isn’t the trial and I have expected to fight Zenos here and it makes me wonder what the actual trial will be but nonetheless, this is your classic boss with quite a bit more tossed in.

You have your standard AoEs and tank busters but you have to watch what is going on and watch what you are being tethered to so you know if you need to run away, and much more. As long as you pay attention you can pretty much react to what is going on.

It is a mostly simple fight as you can react to what is going on but it can be punishing!


There is not much I can say about the music – everything just clicks together and sounds amazing.


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