Vrtra, great wyrm of the first brood and the hidden satrap of Radz–at–Han, has bid the Scions cross to Narunnair and mount a foray into the tiny island’s unnatural spire─a Telophoroi structure known by the locals as the Tower of Zot.

Your companions join you on the journey, protective talismans in hand, prepared to face whatever unnamed horrors await you within. Come what may, you cannot allow Nidhana and her kin to perish in the grip of dark magicks and darker designs…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

So the first dungeon we hit in Endwalker is The Tower of Zot and it seems we are hitting the story hard from the get-go as we are working to bring down the tower and to discover the secrets that lay within it. This time as well we are entering with the scions who are not blessed and this is because of a new creation of what seems to be a method of stopping tempering in the first place.


The dungeon itself does look horrible but that is by design. It has an overall gloom design with a lot of “physical living” designs which makes the dungeon feel like it is living and overall it feels cold and a place you do not really want to be. It is still sad that the dungeon itself is still just one path and no multiple routes but it visually looks very fitting even if the design is not to my taste which I do believe is meant to be the idea.

The mobs themselves don’t look so pretty but you would expect that. With all that said it is time to talk about the bosses.


The first boss is pretty simple and has the classic tank buster which applies a DoT to the target, an AoE where you have to run into the target, one where AoEs appear as puddles and another where the arena of the fight is split into half.

The logic behind the boss is it will do these spells back to back and you have to watch where the orb is going to see which one it will be first. Pretty simple and even if you are not paying attention as long as you react to the AoEs you will be fine.


The second boss is slightly more complex as it adds confusion to the overall mix. The boss will spam AoEs on the floor and you got to dodge them or run to the correct edge in order to not be hit by a bunch of them.

At one point it will use confusion and this is quite simple to deal with as you just need to look at which one is not dancing or moving and run over to her … or just look to see if you can see the boss icon next to one as the fake ones will not have it.

Magus Sisters

For the final boss, you will find it is pretty simple but it looks confusing as heck. This boss works by everything you have seen already but it happening at the same time when they use Delta attack.

The boss itself is quite fun and as long as you keep calm you will be alright. The trick to the fight itself, however, is to kill them all at the same time otherwise just like classic Magus Sisters they will respawn.

I loved these bosses and hope to see more like this in future and in a way it is disappointing they were just dungeon bosses as it could have been so much more.


I liked the music for the dungeon and can not really comment on it much further. It fit the overall theme but that is quite common with Final Fantasy XIV – I rarely have any problems with the music!


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