The most extensive facility in Elpis, Ktisis Hyperboreia is a sprawling complex of magically simulated environs. Concepts awaiting evaluation are brought here for the last stages of observation, and, upon meeting the appropriate criteria, are finally released into the world at large. Determined not to surrender Meteion, it is within this facility that Hermes has taken refuge, and you and your companions must find and confront him if you are to shed light upon the truth of the Final Days.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The next dungeon we encounter in Endwalker has a little surprise for us and that is we are in the past before the Final Days have happened and we get to fight aside from the very same person that is trying to kill us many generations to come but with it, we must press on to find the truth.


I am sure some people will disagree with me here but I found this dungeon to look quite boring and there is something about the design that makes me not want to be there although I get that feeling from Elpis itself which may be the idea the development team was going for.

The mobs themselves are experiments that are being monitored and once again the dungeons do feel sad with being able to do a door to door pull without any issues. Still, the trash mobs ain’t why we do the dungeons it is the loot and the bosses!


The first boss of Ktisis Hyperboreia is surprisingly one I like and that is because it tries something new. Sure it has the standard raid-wide damage and tank buster but it also hides in the ground and moves around to do a random AoE on the floor.

While it isn’t exactly the best thing you will see you will find it is at least a bit different or not that common. Overall this boss is quite simple and you can react to most things that are happening.

Ladon Lord

The second boss of Ktisis Hyperboreia is Ladon Lord and once again we have our common tank busters and raid-wide AoE damage. The main focus of this boss is watching where the breath will be by knowing which head will be attacking and what they will do so once they attack.

Overall this boss is pretty simple but if you are not used to paying attention you are possibly going to have problems which is a theme of Endwalker’s battle designs so far.


The final boss of Ktisis Hyperboreia is who you would expect and it is Hermes who just wants to hear and figure out the answer to his question. He has your standard raid wise AoEs and tank busters but the main focus of this boss is watching the green objects that are summoned while we cast double and triple which you can guess means everything is going to happen a couple of times over.


I didn’t think this track suited the dungeon as much as the others, but it was enjoyable still nonetheless.


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