So today we have a nice little rant and something that’s been bugging me for the last day or two – why do people seem to hate short hair?

For those that seen me running around in Eozrea I have been using a certain hair style from the very early days and with new relic gear now out for White Mage that I likely will not use, I figured it was about time I could try out different hair styles and decided to settle on a short hair style this time (I promise I have not been reading 8-Bit Theater again and the Epilogue had quite a cute hair style in it).

So the hairstyle I like (the one in this screenshot) seems to be quite hated by people with quite a few people I know being vocal about it. Now I am wondering why people think this – is it too boyish, too different or what?

Well not a lot more I can say really just wanted to vent it out but if you do hate it, do comment why short hair doesn’t work out – I’m actually interested in hearing why from people!

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