Ah if there is anything I hate levelling worst than combat classes … is crafters!

So as of yesterday I have finally levelled up my weaver by using a mixture of grand company hands in, leves and making a ton of Crawler Silk which involved me (and thankfully, Ryasha) farming for a ton of cocoons just to disappear in about 30 seconds.

But anyhows I am now once again able to craft anything weaver related in the game (and yep, got the book) and am now watching until tomorrow for new gear upgrades for crafter. For those interested in the actual story its about a woman in love with a solider and she wants to go right into the front lines with him … so she becomes a Conjurer (yay!)  and need gear that will help her but can also fool her mother.

Her mother asks you to help her daughter become better and seems to have caught wind on the fact her daughter wants to go and will do anything to stop her.

Ah well at least that is now done and I am now a Master Weaver and is now one of three specialist crafters that I am able to pick from.

So now time to level up alchemist and botanist and I get a feeling this will take forever.

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