Although it has been a short while now from completing Alexander, I only just got around to commenting on it. For those that yet to do Alexander it is a  raid where a group called the illuminati has summoned Alexender with the intent of controlling the world with pure cold logic and crushing anyone in the way.

Now this content honestly is pretty easy when you know what to do and I imagine most problems people will have is getting people to stay long enough to learn it.  Just like Binding Coil of Bahamut it is spilt into different battles or floors as it is called and as I just wrote is pretty easy. But regardless, my experiences with Alexander

The Fist of the Father

Oppressing the Oppressor


So this is the first floor is known as the “Fist of the Father” and is spilt into two parts – one quick trash mini boss that you just ignore everything and burn the boss down and an actual boss which has just a few minor things you got to worry about.

The main boss is known as the Oppressor which will create some more mobs randomly which you got to kill (at least one each) on a laser that comes from the ceiling.

A second thing is an Oppressor 0.5 will appear which you got to tank away from each other and will also create its own mobs. All you got to do is kill them together (or it will enrage). Now I have done this both as a healer and a damage dealer and the fight itself isn’t too tough as a healer unless things go bad. As a damage dealer the only real thing to worry about is if you are doing the laser and doing another damage before it all enrages.

The Cuff of the Father

... is it sad I kept hoping to pull that over.

… is it sad I kept hoping to pull that over.

Yay finally a very fun floor … but a quick heads up if you are a healer in a static there is a good chance that if you run off to the buggy … they will ban you from ever doing the fun part again.

So this floor is actually quite simple – it’s basically just a ton of mobs that will appear wave after wave and burn them down fast enough. The idea behind it is you are meant to keep certain mobs away from each other and killing them in a certain order … which is: Magitek Gobwalker > Jagd Dools -> Gordian Hardhelms & Gordian Hardminds -> Gordian Soldiers & Snipers > Magitek Gobwidow G-IX

You then use the buggy to deal damage to mobs, popping debuffs on the mobs and then pulling the bombs away from your group so they don’t get hit.

And well that’s basically it! As a healer this fight is very, very easy as long as people are not taken unavoidable damage and things are being murdered in the right order. As a damage dealer its pretty much the same – just keep up your DPS and it will be over soon enough. As a tank … eh, I imagine keep a few cool downs and hope people what to kill.

The Arm of the Father

... okay, the healers at least need to pay attention.

… okay, the healers at least need to pay attention.

Every raid as them and in my opinion this is the most boring one out of the loot and I imagine so many people just face rolled it that I wouldn’t be surprised if you could just smash your head against a wall and still clear this floor.

So the idea behind this floor is the boss is able to change into three different forms which does different things. We start with the human form which focuses on AOE damage which can either knock people back (into the big electric field in the back) or just out right do a lot of AOE damage.

Next we have the hand form which starts to do a lot of cleaving damage that can be shared between people, does an attack that lowers blunt resistance and again a few knock back attacks.

Next we have a tornado form which spawns mobs that need to be killed before they get to the middle and now a new thing which is a shared tether. The tanks got to get the tether or it is going to hurt a lot. There is also a +ve and a -ve thing to deal with. If the poles attract to each other you got to run together, if the poles repeal each other you got to go away from each other.

And then you got human form again which basically repeats all of that.

Honestly this is a pretty easy fight and just basic awareness and you are likely to clear it fast. Healer wise this is an easy fight to heal unless people are not doing things right but you can say that about most fights. However in terms of easy fights for healers ….

The Burden of the Father

... yep, welcome to what most runs turns into.

… yep, welcome to what most runs turns into.

Well shit after how easy the other floors have been to heal … this one is actually quite a bitch. Now unlike the other floors I am not going to explain into much detail but basically you have damage coming from everywhere – orbs that people are eating, a debuff healers get that does a lot of damage, AOE damage from everywhere and lasers shooting people and you hoping for the best.

This fight although it is Duty Finder-able, it is quite a hard fight from at least a healer point of view and one you will need to pay attention. However I can say from a damage dealer point of view … it’s actually pretty easy although there are some minor DPS checks such as when you are sucked up with a tank and there is a limit to how long the tanks can survive.

Overall the fight is great and although it’s quite simple to actually do – it’s quite easy to mess things up and as a healer this fight is going to be tough even when things are going well so if you are a healer all I can say is make sure your MP management is up to the task and make sure you know how to heal well!

Overall however I enjoyed this raid!

The Warriors of "Light" ready for the final fight!

The Warriors of “Light” ready for the final fight!

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