… I think I am never going to level another job to 60 again its one of the worst things I ever did and would rather not do it again even if it is over time.

Anyhow as of today I have now reached Level 60 Summoner and pretty much worked out how to use Dreadwyrn Trance correctly in order to get the most out of the damage. With having Summoner now to level 60 I figured its time to have a comment on how I felt Summoner would turn out in Heavensward … and I was pretty close!

So the main thing with Summoner is they are pretty much the AOE king and very high in single target damage and in most cases I imagine it would be better to take a Summoner than a Black Mage. Dreadwyrn Trance is pretty fun to keep up and pretty easy once you get used to 30 seconds Aetherflow / 30 seconds Dreadwyrn Trance

With that said however I do have to say the story behind Summoner was okay at best. While the ending was pretty, the rest of what you actually did was boring and basically seems like just one quest whacked out into five quests simply to prolong it.

I would advise any caster to have a go at Summoner – it really is a fun job and once again now holds its own at end game.


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