So today I have finished levelling up White Mage and have finished the story behind White Mage and I have to say … it sucked, MASSIVELY and if it wasn’t for the skills I would say not do it.

Spoilers from here on so don’t blame me. The story basically carries on from the 30-50 White Mage quests and that corruptions has now started appearing around of the Black Shroud and its up to the White Mages to stop it … just they do not want to leave the forest.

… and that is it in a nut shell. There is an Au Ra who is going around spreading this corruption ad you and a lancer stops this and then finally the White Mages come out of the forest and then you beat up a giant Dragon by healing it until it’s all sorted.

It’s a shame that the Conjurer story line was great but the White Mage story line just bores and some what goes on forever.

Still however at least we saw Raya-0-Senna actually do something. and that at least the battles themselves were some what interesting.

Seeing I now have it levelled I can say that it seems White Mage “is” in a good place although I do not see it being brought to farm parties and mostly used for progression.

Ah well hopefully the Scholar and Summoner story line is better!


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