With most of my readers now having completed the main story, I am now going over my backlog of stuff I wanted to write about.

I have to say out of every fight I have had in Eorzea and that includes fighting Bahamut himself – fighting the Heavensward and the leader is one of the fights I will remember until the very end of my time here.

So it starts with the Archbishop absorbing the power of an eye and taking the very soul of King Thordan into himself and thus coming a Primal and of course it is our job to stop him. This whole fight is about beating up the Archbishop and the Heavensward so you can stop him from taking over the whole of Eozrea (which is kinda funny because he wanted to bring peace in his own way).

Now the fight is nothing special to start with and has a few things from other fights such as the pillars from Turn 13 but when the Heavensward is brought into the fight it turns into something you will remember from Final Fantasy VII: Knights of the Round’s Final Judgement.

And man do I have to say the fight is so much like it. Not only do the Heavensward appear in the same order as they do during the summoning skill from Final Fantasy VII but they also mimic the same actions that they do (such as the ice skill etc) and even at the end if you have a focus target on you can see the skill name “Final Judgement” used when they all come together for the final attack.

But the best part however comes after Final Judgement when you see the Archbishop whimper that you are still alive and without any skill just randomly attacking whoever he can simply because he has failed … all because he can not beat you even with the power of a Primal and many years of praying.

I don’t think much will beat that one scene when he learns he can not beat you at all, even with a power of a primal.

I really hope they add a harder version of this fight just like they did with the Ultima Weapon!

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