As of today I have completed what I believe is to have been the most enjoyable Primal I have ever see yet in the whole of Eorzea – Bismarck.

The overall idea of this fight is that you are pitted against Bismarck who is compared to you, massive and this causes a certain problem in that you can not actually fight him that well. Secondly you have to use a island to bait him out so that he would actually fight you.

Overall the fight mostly involves having to fight trash, using a barrier and a harpoon to attach yourself to Bismarck so you can whack his back in and finally kill him. The best thing about this fight however is people simply have to do their job – half arsing it is not going to work due to the level syncing and the fact you can out not gear it.

Now further more into the story – looking forward to seeing what Heavensward has yet to offer!

.... short robes all the way levelling!

…. short robes all the way levelling!


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