It is kinda hard to start this one – I am actually enjoying Astrologian quite a bit although it both is not how I expected but also on the other hand its quite easy to see where it fits in on the overall scale of things.

First thing I’ll comment on which is annoying me is that just like Scholars, Astrologian also have access to two DOTs that will never miss its targets … when White Mages are still cursed to actually miss in battle because for some reason that is how it will be.

But anyhow for those that don’t know Astrologian have two different stances which only really changes a few skills so they either have a regen effect or a barrier effect (and for those wondering they do NOT stack with each other so two barrier ones will not stack – the idea so you would not double up on them). While you are using these two stances you can not switch between them and that’s fine really – the idea is so a Astrologian can slot in based on what the other healer is.

Now I do not have much more to say other than I am enjoying thinking more in advance about should I use the card, or should I draw another and even if I will have time to do that and while I know I will not main an Astrologian (and no offence to those that do – I just love White Mage more), I do think Astrologian will become my “go to” healer when I jump into random trials in Duty Finder just so I know we will always have both “types of healers”.

But anyhows a long way to go with finishing Astrologian and I imagine in a day or two I should have it to level 50 and no idea how I am actually going to get that to 60!

Only time will tell I guess.

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