Although it took ages and quite a while – Heavensward is now upon us. With this in mind I suppose it is quite worth while reflecting back on everything that has happened in A Realm Reborn.

I suppose it is worth saying I am not going to go into that much detail about what raids and trial I completed and when – I got a progression page for that!

So lets go:


Fuck you, Bahamut.

Fuck you, Bahamut.

This one is very easy to do – I have beaten every single raid that A Realm Reborn had to offer and I also did with them my brother (Ryu Nirvana) from the Crystal Tower to Binding Coil of Bahamut, World of Darkness too Final Coil of Bahamut.

And while many people within my Raiding Static has came, gone and one even came back – I am looking forward too all the new raids that is yet to come!


Darble dozing off ... it happens farming for Poetics

Darble dozing off … it happens farming for Poetics

Although this one is not worth saying too much – I have completed every single dungeon with my brother and Lux. And while I imagine come Heavensward I will no longer be doing the dungeons with the exact same people I can not wait to see what new ideas they come up with.


Technically, it was a wipe.

Technically, it was a wipe.

And just like the raids and dungeons – I have also done every single trial and have been able to farm them quite easily. I will always remember having to beat Titan HM in order to get the relic weapon and how hard it was for many people to do. And with that exact same memory I will always remember when I beat pretty much all the Ex Primals by using Duty Finder.


Pretty much raped at this point.

Pretty much raped at this point.

And now the main thing I have really enjoyed although it took quite some time – the story.

From the very start and to the very end, I have been lucky enough to have witness the story with my brother and I really have enjoyed the up and downs (although half of the class and job quests were meh).

Now I will not go into the story – you have Google for that but I really hope this carries on and I really can not wait to see what happens next!

And as A Realm Reborn is now over and Heavensward is on its way, we are now moving into a new era and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I hope too.


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