Update: From the release of the patch 3.2 there has been White Mage NPCs shown in The Lost City HM that has the hood up. So it seems it exist now within the game with the hood up. While I doubt we will see the hood any time soon, it exists.

What I am going to be talking about today is something that is heated debated on the forums and have been addressed by the developers as “not happening” but I really feel this needs to happen – even if its only in the future in patches to come (as in it shouldn’t be an urgent thing).

So the topic is this: The Healer Robe (and by proxy Cleric Robe) NEEDS to be edited so that the hood is able to be pulled up and down. Now it looks like this has been done for the Orison Hood and I am sure some people will say to just use that if you want a working hood but here are my reasons why the Healer Robe needs editing.

  1. It is THE iconic look for White Mage.
  2. It is the ONLY gearset ALL White Mages will get (As of Stormblood – so does the Seventh’s Heaven Gearset).
  3. Within Final Fantasy XIV – they already HAVE dealt with hoods and long hair.

So with these reasons let’s get started.

Iconic look

White Mages are known for two different things and before you even ask – Google “White Mage” and see what they have in common. Have you done that?

You will have noticed the three things they have in common is they normally have a robe, they have a hood and that their robe has red triangles on it.

You may also notice that a lot of them ranging from the original White Mage to Garnet in Final Fantasy IX have all had their hood up – something that is lacking in Eorzea. When you think White Mage you think of a healer, in a robe, with red triangle wearing a hood!

“The” Gearset

So my next reason is the Healer gearset is a gearset that EVERYONE who levels or HAS levelled a White Mage within the WHOLE life of Final Fantasy XIV will have been given the Healer Gearset as soon as they hit level 45-50.

While AF2 has been released (known as the Orison Gearset) not every White Mage will actually get it. While I imagine most White Mages will get it with gearing up it is possible that they will instead gear up by using the Gordian Gearset  – just like every White Mage would have not got the Cleric Robe (such as using Allagan Gearset).

For those that do not know they have added the Cleric Robe to the Level 50 quest along with the Healer Robe and I while I would imagine they would add the Orison to the level 60 quests – that will ONLY be for people who is levelling it up in future.

So to recap the Healer Gearset is the ONLY gearset all Healers will get, have got or already using while the others are NOT.

They already dealt with hoods and long hair

Now this is the one I keep hearing from people and honestly, this doesn’t seem much like a problem and here is why. Within Final Fantasy XIV they ALREADY have long hair being cut off to turn into short hair and the best one you can see this clearly with is the Highland Hood.

Whenever this is equipped automatically hair is removed so that it can fit inside and this is not the only head-gear that this happens too but others such as the Botanist head, Straw Hat and others.

So to recap … it would be really nice if the Healer Robe could be changed so the hood can be pulled up for all the reasons above and the fact this gearset will ALWAYS be here until the very end of this game … and what is better than allowing all the White Mages across Eozrea to look like the iconic White Mage we deserve to be.

… bring on our hoods – we are getting cold walking around with our hair wet!!!

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