I was having a chat with someone about the win-lose ratio of the new PvP mode and it got me thinking about something I once read on the Japanese forums – is Twin Adder, by nature, setting themselves up to fail.

When you think about the different grand companies … well to be accurate when you think about the different city states they all appeal to different people. We first have Limsa Lominsa (Maelstrom) which is of a pirate nature and the whole looking after yourself, wanting to fight people and overall you are happy to fight anyone in the way.

You then have Ul’dah where money talks and you go there to just get the job done and collect your coin and then you have Gridania (Twin Adder) which are far more passive, rather defend than attack and ultimately draws the more “non aggressive” players to their grand company.

I'm sure Gridania's ideals are "just" the reason for joining.

I’m sure Gridania’s ideals are “just” the reason for joining.

Now while I am sure this theory doesn’t hold too much merit it does actually kinda explain on how Twin Adder fights. You see unlike the other Grand Companies, Twin Adder is more than happy to just camp at one or two nodes (if we can get them) and just wait out and see what happens and while this happens we are easily quite able to defend ourselves … we simply will not out reach and take over other nodes.

So while the other two are happy to fight each other and take over whatever they set their eyes on – they also know we are hard to fight but should they get it, it is quite likely we will fight back to get it!

So in a nut shell it is quite likely that Twin Adder does appeal to those that hate to fight and would rather win as passively as we can and you can see that everywhere in Gridania from the Conjuers that heals, to lancers that just protect to the leader herself who is a White Mage that protects the lands and everyone in it – regardless who you may be!

So basically the fights is hippies vs pirates vs mercs. Not really a fair fight would you say and best thing is – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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