Ah finally … I have finished levelling up my Astrologian and honestly I’m kinda disappointed in it.

First of all I will comment on the story. Basically the whole idea of the story is teaching others the way of being an Astrologian while some lady follows the footsteps of her father and then something about rescuing her grandfather … and until near the end its quite bland boring.

Now onto the job itself. At max level I have to say … its actually kinda boring. It basically just a White Mage or a Scholar with being able to use cards which at the end of the day doesn’t really provide that much.

Dunno what I really expected but I was hoping to see a speedy healer that was able to switch between the stances at will while using cards that actually does something worth while (minor MP and TP regen and some buffs ain’t that much). I do know about balancing and what not but still it seems kinda shit.

Ah well, I’m sure it will be buffed and change soon and until then, I stand by this.

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