Whoops … nearly forgot all about this one!

So the massive whale is down and I can now look into clearing Ravana Ex (although I do hear how easy it is meant to be). Overall the fight is mostly the same as the hard mode version other than a few differences.

The main difference is not the DPS check people keep going on about (as let’s be honest, even if you are half as good with your job you will reach that check) but rather the weather system that catches people out in where they are meant to stay. This difference is pretty minor and involves you moving into different positions based on the weather and from there decide if you kill a bubble or not and kill any other mobs that appear.

Overall and to be honest, this fight is very simple and just a case of jumping in there and giving it a try. I imagine most problems people have with clearing this Primal is simply the people who done it … are no longer doing it and honestly I would not either – there is nothing worth farming for!

Ah well, onto Ravana!


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