Screenshot is taken from my raid’s group first clear – I forgot to take one on my first clear!

Well that’s Ravana Ex down and I have to say … that was a fun fight although I don’t think it is one I will repeat a lot although I do want the White Mage cane, Astrologian Globe and the Scholar book … infact I should reword that – I DID get the Scholar book!

Overall I do feel Ravana was quite an easy fight although it can be pretty tricky to heal it to start with. I can not comment much DPS wise but there is not “much” of a DPS check as people would like to make out – its mostly just knowing the dance you got to do to dodge everything.

But regardless its another Primal down and I imagine I will farm it soon for theĀ Astrologian and White Mage weapon so I can turn my eyes upon Alexander Savage!

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