A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a fellow minion within The Nirvana Company and a chat came up about if I used any fantasias on Patricia and if I ever would want to become a Lalafell (for those wondering I used two fantasia; 1) edit breast size, 2) height).

Well “might” surprise a few but I have used a Lalafell design before when I am visiting other servers (based on my original char) and it got me thinking – I would love to use it on Moogle too but I do not want to edit Patricia away from a Hyur and nor would I want to make an alt as I simply do not want to level and gear things twice.

So it got me thinking about it after I remembered a friend of mine who changed his design so many times only to change back to Hyur, I couldn’t help but wonder if he simply grows bored for a bit but always intend to change back … and this is where my idea comes in.

If you done the All Saint’s Wake last year you may remember the story was about voidsents was casting magical spells on children in order to change them to look like a fiend in order to scare people and it got me thinking – why can’t we have that?

It would be nice if they added a feature (for about a £1 or 2 added to the monthly subscription) that adds an extra “visual slot” to your character. This “visual slot” would allow you to create a second design such as in my case the Hyur and then a Lalafell for “visual change” (for those wondering I would imagine in order to edit this “visual change” you would need another fantasia as I doubt Square Enix will let go of these one-off charges) which you then unlock the same magical spell so that you can change in-game whenever you want to this alt design.

I figured this would help a lot of people who switches between two designs but would also bring in another small income for the developers as I would imagine a lot of people would love to have two designs – I know I wouldn’t mind doing so and would be happy to pay a little extra to be able to do so.

Edit ~ 19th of January, 2016

Seems its already built in!

Seems its already built in!

The other day I decided to give Machinist a try and although I am finding it very boring (suppose you can say that about any low level job), I decided in the first quest that it seems there is already support to do idea IN-GAME.

In case you can not tell or do not know, there is an NPC who helps you during the quest. When combat starts near the end of it she disappears in a poof of smoke and re-appears looking the same but now has a weapon. I am guessing what the game is doing is changing the NPC model to one that has a gun equipped.

A food for thought!

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