While I imagine it will not be much of a surprise – I have now finished creating the Majestas and the power of the new relic is now mine.

Now this quest line I do have to say I have found quite boring but I do imagine those that never did the Zodiac weapon but I do say I am quite happy to hear that the one making the anima weapon (or the theory behind it) did compare this quest line to the legendary Zodiac weapons so it seems there may be a chance that they are aware of it and may allow the Zodiac weapon to be upgraded in future.


Come on community, its getting cold here!!!

Come on community, its getting cold here!!!

It’s hard to deny that hunts are either someone’s favourite method of gearing up or their most hated thing that they would rather burn their own skin off and dance around in circles just to avoid participating with hunts.

But regardless on what you think about hunts, no one can debate that farming any hunt that gives you Allied Seals is ultimately the most fastest way (assuming you only count the time actually doing hunts.

While the benefit in doing so is simply the amount of time it takes there is sadly three quite major pit falls which are:

  1. Involves you having to be hunting yourself (time), or be in a good linkshell.
  2. Can only get two items out of the four.
  3. Relies on being able to get there before the more “toxic” part of the community and thus relies on people being nice.


Pew Pew Ryu, PEW PEW

Pew Pew Ryu, PEW PEW

The next method I used is my preferred one and should I decide to do another relic would likely be the method I pick mostly: roulettes.

Now I am sure this goes without saying but these roulettes involved doing the low-level one, level 50 roulette, level 60 roulette, expert roulette, trial roulette and the main story one. Now while this mixed things up, it did have quite a few problems.

  1. Other than main story roulette, you have to do all the others as a level 60 job.
  2. There is quite a few chances at the roulette missing up badly.
  3. Repeating content yet again that was done for the Zodiac quest line.


On the way to a map!!!

On the way to a map!!!

I would honestly not advise to bother with doing maps in order to get the items needed but I will say that both Ryu and myself was able to get a hell of a lot of ore simply by doing maps together and I imagine about half of what we got ore wise was simply by maps!

While I have been doing eight man maps with Ryasha from quite early in Heavensward, I got to say I really did enjoy doing these with Ryu and it reminded me how useful sending things to sleep is. As fun as maps are, there is sadly a few issues.

  1. The drop rate for the items is said by the community to be quite low.
  2. It can be costly.
  3. Doing them solo is hard.
  4. The more people you take, the more risk you will lose rolling on the item.

Content Pulls

Its funny how it seems Zz is like 3x the size of us all!

Its funny how it seems Zz is like 3x the size of us all!

Just like the good old days of 2.1, lately I have been involved in a lot of content pulling for free poetics and I got to say that to get the poetic items this is a very fast way and if it wasn’t due to this I would likely have been doing the next method below.

The idea behind this method is simple. You find someone who want to clear certain content like Bahamut Coil or Primals and then you take them in, clear it and get the poetics. Now while I believe this is the best method for poetics just like anything else there is problems.

  1. You need a group that is able to clear the content.
  2. Finding someone who has the bonus is getting harder and harder.
  3. You can step on the toes of others in the community.
  4. The ethical of if pulls are fine or not.

Alexander: Gordias

Legendary til the end!

Legendary til the end!

The final method I used is the same method I imagine most of the community right now is using and that is farming Alexander: Gordias to get the direct item drop.

The idea is pretty simple every time you clear a floor you get a token and once you get ten of these tokens you can then trade it in for one of these items (so if you was doing it this way, you do 200 runs a floor just to finish getting the items).

This method I found so boring but with a good group you can just jump in there and get it done but naturally this comes with a few problems.

  1. Sheer boredom of repeating the same content.
  2. It relies on the rest knowing what to do.
  3. It is still common to wipe in Duty Finder.
  4. Queue times as time goes on will become far longer.

So in the end

So in the end I now have finished the new relic and although I do stand by what I said about the Zodiac weapon (My Problem with the Relic Quest) I am happy to have seen it was spoken about.

Overall this relic quest was not too bad and the story is leading up to what seems to be a living soul that has been created so who knows where it will go from here.

The Relic is Alive

The Relic is Alive

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