It has now been a couple of days when the anima weapons has been released and although I doubt there are people who are nearly done, there is something that has been annoying me so much with this relic quest.

Now before I start commenting about it I am going to say that I have no issues with grinding content and have done the Zodiac quest line before it got nerfed not once, not twice but three times with fully melding them to be best of slot weapons … well actually I just hit the problem itself.

For those that do not know the anima quest line involves a few people wanting to make a living weapon … a weapon that has a soul. Now this is great and all but there is another weapon that also has a soul and that is the Zodiac weapons (and before you wonder about it, the Zodiac quest line goes into awaking it, absorbing other souls etc).

Now I have come to terms that Final Fantasy XIV will have a dullish stat system for their weapons which means that weapons will always become out dated and something new replacing it but there is one thing that the developers of Final Fantasy XIV respects and it is its lore!

Now you may be wondering why I bother bringing up about lore but when you think about it the fact they do not allow the Zeta to be upgraded (and if you remember during the anima quest line they go out of their way to say the weapon will disappear forever IF you use it) when EVERYTHING SO FAR about the anima quest line is simply the same as the Zeta. Seriously we created a weapon, and its growing a soul from the experience of our combat and then making a new host for the weapon – just like how the Thyrus started to gain a soul and was transferred to a new host known as the Nirvana (the only main difference between Zodiac and Anima is the anima is a new weapon altogether and the Zodiac one is based on a legendary weapon).

Hardly seems worth it, does it?!

Hardly seems worth it, does it?!

I just can not understand why they would not allow the Zodiac weapon to be upgraded. Simply by allowing that weapon to be upgraded, the progression behind that weapon and the value carries on. Think about when you completed your relic and you finally killed Titan and the pleasure you felt and how every time you carried that relic on that sense of achievement and now think about the anima weapon that you got by watching TV while doing fates and doing a bunch of dungeons under-sized .. hardly an equal to actually working for your relic.

Now I am quite likely to still do the relic question but I can’t help but wonder why my poor Nirvana will never be upgraded again and that everything I done to get it and its perfect stats that I spirit bonded to get is simply thrown aside just so it can be replaced by something you can get without any effort all in the name of “resetting”.

Still … the legend of the Nirvana at least lives on for the hope of the day that when the next anima weapon upgrade comes out, so will one for the Zodiac.

And I am sure some people may simply think I am being too sentimental about a single weapon and hell maybe I am but its feeling that keeps me wanting to upgrade the Nirvana and to keep carrying on its legend on which is one quite major thing that keeps me, and likely others, in Eozrea.

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