Toughening Up (Seraph Cane Awoken)

With the Seraph now having been created the next step was to start awaking it. In order to do this both of the creators of the weapon decided that the best way to do this would be to re-live the adventures I had.

So with this in mind I set upon hearing to complete the following dungeons:

  • Snowcloak
  • Sastasha (Hard)
  • Qarn (Hard)
  • Keeper of the Lake
  • Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
  • Amdapor Keep (Hard)
  • Dusk Vigil
  • Sohm Al
  • The Aery
  • The Vault
My weapon, physically taking a form. Yep.

My weapon, physically taking a form. Yep.

As you can expect these dungeons went by pretty fast and at the end the actual anima weapon spoke which caused quite a shock to both of the creators. For those interested, and I doubt it matters, I decided that my relic weapon had a female voice – after all the Seraph is the only weapon that has a pair of breasts.

So with this done and the relic now starting to awake it was decided to create a new weapon to house the soul of the weapon – one worthy of it growing up.

And with this in mind, I now start upon to last part of the relic quest … the longest part.

Not all thinking about the next part.

Not all thinking about the next part.

Lets do this!

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