Man I have been very, very lazy from the release of Heavensward and its only just now I have finished gearing up my Alchemist with the red scrips gear and as of today I am able to craft any Alchemist item without the need of any food or company buffs.

Now I am sure people may remember I made a post before but for those wondering I mostly levelled up alchemist by spamming leves and auto crafting whatever I could that had simple materials. If I was to do it again (or how I will for the other crafters) I would have rather much did it via the hand-in that gives you blue scrips as not only did it give fancy looking gear but it also a chance to unlock the master books .. rather than having to spam them on another crafter job later.

So far I got to say I never really seen much “use” with gearing up alchemist as I have mostly just been making gil from the older stuff. Another problem I have is it seems the only thing that is made by alchemist is materials for other crafters to use, potions that only tend to sell during progression and a few housing items which compared to all the other jobs is hardly anything.

Still my alchemist is all geared up now for everything in this patch and once I meld up the right hand side, I should hopefully be ready for whatever the next patch throws!


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