I keep telling you - CLERIC STANCE!!!

I keep telling you – CLERIC STANCE!!!

So within the next few weeks we will likely see a bunch of mentors appear across the whole land of Eorzea and while the idea is sound as ultimately it is designed to help new players to be able to learn the game … I feel there will be a couple of problems that I feel will happen.

So to start with lets list the problems I see before we go into detail.

  1. You do not need that class/job levelled.
  2. People are insanely defensive.
  3. People who may play just one role is excluded.

You do not need that class/jobs levelled

Don't just spam Impulse Drive...

Don’t just spam Impulse Drive…

So the first problem is what I do feel is quite a major one as ultimately its going to be treated as not a mentor for a certain role but rather as a “DoW/DoM” mentor which likely will just go into the very basic such as dodging aoes and well press this button to heal and this button to tank and call it a day in order to get the free tomes and likely vanity gear that will come with it.

So what we are basically looking at is the stuff that people learn in about 30 seconds of starting any fight and that it likely won’t go into helping people with their overall damage or how to play that certain job and thus we still get the same problem of “bad players” and all we done is gave them a pretty star for at least dodging an aoe.

People are insanely defensive



For anyone that has ever used Duty Finder, Party Finder or even looked at another player you have likely tried to help someone and got yelled at even if you was the nicest person in the world that they pay their subscription fee and if they want to spam Blizzard III, Riot Blade or just Medica they are allowed and that you should shut up for being an elitist and they are just playing for fun.

Now not every new player is like this but my experience shows there are enough people out there that do this that it simply makes you not bother at all and I can not help but wonder if these players will actually ask for help or if they will simply get defensive and moan at mentors for pushing a certain style of game play on people.

People who may play just one role is excluded

Its funny, I can mentor tanks and you can't!

Its funny, I can mentor tanks and you can’t!

Now I can list even more problems but my last one is that it simply excludes who otherwise are very good players simply because they only focus on one role and those people are more likely to know their job inside out (or a certain role like healing in my case).

So in other words we have tanks, healers and damage dealers (won’t go into crafting or gathering, as well you kinda need them all levelled to even do stuff) who may have cleared every single trial and raid before they got nerfed and they will NOT be able to act as a mentor … just because they did not fate farm to get one of each role.

Ah well we will see how it goes but I can not help but wonder if it will just be filled with people getting fast tomes and abusing others in the progress because they will not speed up.

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